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Your pets pamper - a simple snapshot.


I'm sure everyone wonders what happens to their pet when they drop them off with us so we thought we would give you all a little insight. After you've signed your pet in with us this is the fun we get up to for the next hour or so...

1. The Bath -

Your pet is bathed using our fantastic hydro bath (think warm, soapy and bubbly) in a natural shampoo that will most suit their coat type. For example, Flash here has a double coat, and plenty of dead hair that he likes to leave all over the sofa and carpet (sound familiar), so we used a de-shed shampoo and conditioner to help remove the dead coat.

"Excuse me, I'm wet and too clean"


2. The Dry

"Ahh yes, pamper me humans"

We dry all of our dogs on the table by hand, never with a cabinet drier. Now flash may look funny with a hoodie on his head but that helps to reduce the drier sound which he hears, as dogs hearing is much more tuned than ours the loud driers can sometimes be a bit scary, Flash isn't too worried, as long as he gets plenty of love and attention.

3. The Brush

"There appears to be another dog by my foot"

After getting your pet dry we focus on preparing the coat for styling. This can be combing to remove knots or in Flash's case, combing to remove his dead locks. This step is important to ensure that an even and neat finish is achieved (so they can strut their stuff in the park).


4. The Pedicure

"How will i soak the carpets now"

In winter keeping your pups pads trimmed is important to prevent mud and grit from building up between their toes. Mud and grit gets trapped in the hair and forms tight, painful matts (not pleasant, like wearing toe separators 24 hours a day, you know when you're painting your nails). Ooo and don't forget the nails, keeping those trimmed makes sure that they're walking on their pads and not their tippy toes.

5. A fresh new do

"And where has my muddy fro gone?!"

The grooming for each of your pets varies here dependent upon what we talk about when you drop off. Being a double coat Flash gets a light all over scissor trim to remove the bulk and give him some bounce. Doesn't he look fabulous... he definitely knows it.

" Yes now feed me the treats... all of them"

We make sure that your pets welfare comes first at all times, that they are always treated with love and kindness and fed a few treats along the way... homemade by us at Hair off the dog so no nasty's in them. I mean us humans get fed on our spa days... The pups should on theirs :)


Thankyou again for all of your support and trusting us to pamper your pets.

Amy and Ed x

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